Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I usually do not stay mad for a long time. I "cool down" relatively fast, do not keep grudges, and tend to forgive (or at least to forget). So even if my arm is still hurting I can not be upset with these cuties for long. And I do not think it is fair, since it was mostly my fault. At the beginning of the evening the table was perfectly clean:

Then one of them "appeared":

Couple (should I say 4?) of hours later I made the second one:

I felt very obsessive and continued crocheting. Before I knew I had a third one ready:

And then the fourth one:

Any level-headed crocheter/knitter who has as little practice as me, would stop at that point. But being who I am, I felt obliged to continue and came up with these:

Today I have no one to blame but myself. And as a punishment I would ignore the fact that Mouline Yarns have a great summer sale!

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