Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good weekend

How do you know that you had a good weekend? You definitely had a great one if you spend it looking at these:

And playing with these:

I will write a separate post about books and magazines (I got most of them in Toronto) but here is a closer look at my new stash addition.

Here is my first tenсel yarn:

After a bit of research I found out on this website that:

"Tencel ® is the brand name for a fiber called lyocell. Lyocell is a cellulosic fiber made from wood through a proprietary TENCEL® production process. TENCEL® is a man-made fiber but natural in origin. This means it is very comfortable to wear because it is breathable and absorbent, like other natural fibers. TENCEL® is durable and this means that the clothes last."

I can not wait to try knitting with it. I think those colours would look great in a lacy shawl or stole.

And here is a beautiful German wool-based sock yarn called "Strumpfwolle".

Although I have a lot of sock yarn and not enough time to knit it all up I obsessively check out the sock yarn section in every stores. This yarn comes from a cute boutique "Les Laines Saute-Mouton", located in Saint-Lambert (one of the small cities, or should I say boroughs, constituting the South Shore). I really like the way colours change from one to another creating subtle, yet impressive, palette. One of the projects I have in mind for this yarn is a pair of gloves or maybe fingerless mittens.

And finally a skein of Noro, bought at "Les Laines Saute-Mouton" simply because it is Noro and it is pretty.


Eric said...

Well now.. a few things:

Fist of, I want to publicly applaud your way of stating your sources when you quote stuff found on other sites. Too often individuals use borrowed quotes and integrate them as their own. I have had quite a few taken from me that way and, not that I'm anal about it, it's always unpleasant to have someone else take credit for things you came up with or wrote.

Second... Is my "gift-to-be" going to get the same treatment the blobs got? I mean... no pics of the yarn, color scheme, patterns, hints of any kind?.. pffff! :)

And lastly... A good weekend ALSO includes crashing on the couch, racking our brains over color samples and watching your sister try shoes, so.... gna, gna!

Oh yeah, the Noro yarn is really pretty.

Eric said...

P.s.:.. yeah, yeah, I know... "thanks for commenting".. lol!!!

Kate said...

That tencel yarn is beautiful!!

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

To Eric, being a Psyc graduate (even if it's only a bachelor degree) I know all the punishments for plagiarism. I also respect work of others and try not to use any content that is not mine without referring to the source, even if it is some text on the website. Plus it's so much easier to do it in a personal blog.
As for your gift-to-be - I am not sure what you mean. Was I suppose to knit you a gift??? I think you imagined it or maybe it is just a wishful thinking ;)

To Kate - thank you. I have been buying a lot of blue yarn recently so this silver/purple combination is a nice break for me. I am very excited to see how these colours will distribute on the knitted project.