Sunday, June 15, 2008

Knitting in public

I had a great weekend and even though I did not make it to the wwkip celebration at ParcLafountaine I still contributed to the knitting in public more then once. I got some interesting comments and considering writing a book of “knitting prejudices” … but let start from the beginning:

It was my friend’s birthday on Friday and we were meeting for some drinks and the local bar. Since Anna (that’s the name of my friend, and “yes, Russians have no imagination so every second Russian girl you meet is called Anna”) so Anna does not like surprises and I couldn’t make a big surprise party for her, instead I had a very special guest who traveled all the way from Seattle. I LOVE seeing people’s reaction at these kinds of situations – it is priceless.

Once all the gang was there and the conversations, sangria, and beers were flowing, I decided to get my yarn out and knit. Little did I know, but some people find it rather embarrassing to be seen with their knitting friend in public, and especially in the bar. To jump ahead, I told the story to my dad and he was shocked that I actually knitted while drinking wine. According to him it is impolite to knit outside of one’s house.

Friday’s disappointing experience didn’t diminish my enthusiasm and I decided to continue my knitting in public escapade. I brought my bright yellow crocheted purse and my knitting project along with me on Saturday. First, I knitted on the metro. All-in-all it was very nice.; one lady actually smiled at me. After, I met with Eric and we sat down in the park, where I got my Mr. Sock II out. People would look or smile and then the older gentleman asked the most unexpected (to me) question:

- Is it a boy or a girl?

First, I was sure he was referring to me. From the picture above one can see that I am clearly a girl, with longish blond hair. I was also wearing a long skirt that day so his confusion was surprising.

Then I thought that he was referring to the knitting project. The sock is bright red and tubular …. I doubt it looks like either a boy or a girl.

I was very perplexed and didn’t quite know what to answer. Thank G-d Eric was there to save me. He jokingly said something to the gentleman (I was too perplexed to pay attention) and then explained to me that knitting is usually associated with being pregnant, so the gentleman was enquiring about the gender of my future child. I found that hilarious. So not only you are an old babushka if you knit, you are also a pregnant old babushka!

My third attempt in knitting at public happened later on that day. At a “house-cooling” (it'a the opposite of house-warming) gathering I was showing off to one of my friends, parading the yellow purse, when a GUY standing next to me said that he used to knit, and he would do it on the way to school in public transportation. Apparently girls find it sexy and he is contemplating the idea of joining one of the knitting groups since he is on the search for a girlfriend.

And what did YOU do for the knit in public day?

I could not leave you without some knitting pictures, so here is Mr. Sock II. He is getting bigger and bigger and I can not wait to do the heel.

Next is a felting project I casted on. I never felted before but I fell in love with this purse and with the yarn. I am a bit nervous about it.

And here is another half-finished project. This is a scarf I am knitting for Eric. I really like the autumnal colors and the rustic edging. I find it’s a great project for a beginner because you get to practice your purling and knitting.


Eric said...

About knitting in public... Bah.. Take cues from nature. If you can do paper work next to a superb lake while kayaking and knit in a park with the approval of the duck community, then the feed back of people shouldn't bother you too much. :)

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

Oh no, it doesn't bother me as much as it surprises me every time. I will definitley continue knitting in public (especially in the bars, when my friends are around - oh great, now I'll have to start going to the bars!)