Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday was an interesting day...

First of all, it’s finally cooling down here in Montreal. We had a huge storm the day before (I missed it working in catacombs): crazy winds, downpour, thunder, and lightning. I think that it was a sign from the Gods marking the birthday of Mr. Sock.

Secondly, I was puzzled by the following question:
Do you identify yourself with
a. Your country of origin
b. Canada
c. Quebec
d. Montreal

I had to think a while about that one and I am still not sure if my answer was final.

I kept thinking and then decided to cast on the little brother of Mr. Sock – there is no better time to think than while casting on. 60 stitches later I was interrupted by a gentleman, who needed help with the printer and the computer (oh yeah, I was knitting at work). After explaining to the gentleman that he is distracting me and will be responsible in case I’ll freeze to death, because the long Canadian winter is coming sooner then he thinks, and that I would like to be warm and comfy throughout those 8 months, and having TWO socks (not just one) is essential for my warmness, I received a rather interesting reply:
“You might be European, because Canadian girls your age do not knit”.
I was SHOCKED, I tried to contradict, but my shock was too strong – CANADIAN GIRLS KNIT!!!. You don’t have to be a Russian babushka (grandmother) to knit. So, Canadian girls, lets get out there and show people that we knit! And this is THE TIME to do it – June 14th is the World Wide Knit In Public Day. Get out there, bring your hooks and needles and show people that we knit.

If you are a Montréaler there will be some knitting at Parc Lafontaine. There more details on MontrealKnit website.

If you are a Torontonian you better be ready. Yarn Harlot is celebrating her birthday on the same day. And she invited this guy. You do not understand why it’s so exciting? Franklin, aka The Panopticon is making a 1000 Knitters project and if you are a knitter you have a chance to be a part of this! I would assume that most of the places are probably booked by now but you still might get in if someone cancels. Read this if you want to know where to call and what to do. If not for my friend’s birthday on Friday I would probably get a ticket to Toronto and enjoy the “happening”.

And if you are anywhere else in the world you should join one of the kip groups. And you still have time to start one, in case your city/country does not have any. Check out the website, get out there, and KNIT/CROCHET!!!

And here are pictures of Mr.Sock that I took last night. Let me tell you, it is VERY difficult to balance on one leg while taking pictures of the back of the other. It stroke earlier today that I could’ve done it sitting down – but hey, I like the challenge. I apologize for bad quality of these pictures and I’ll get someone to take better ones as soon as I can.


Eric said...

Oh!.. I like Mr. sock!

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

I am sure he will like you back

P.S. Thanks for commenting, Eric - ha ha ha ha

Eric said...

HBe he he... funny girl..

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

HB???? Like a pencil???

Eric said...

Yeah... That's the typo I mentionned. :)